Best restaurants in Sitges 2024 | Local Opinions

Discover the top best restaurants in Sitges according to our opinion for this 2024.

We have struck a balance between quality, homemade, unique food and good prices.

Without a doubt, this article is an essential guide for food lovers, from classic local flavors to innovative gastronomic experiences.
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A guide thorugh the best restaurants in Sitges


Choosing where to eat when you’re in a new place can be challenging, which is why we created this website, and specifically this article, where we’ll explore the top restaurants in Sitges according to locals opinions.

Also, all restaurants are backed with their official google reviews, which as you can see, there are plenty of 4.7/4.8/4.9 restaurants. 

We hope you visit them and enjoy them as much as we did.

(If you visit any, do us a favor and let them know you came from us; it helps us grow!)

Comparative table best restaurants in Sitges

Casa Nostra
Six Seis
Casa Paella
Pizza and asado
Meat and fish
Tapas and meat
Must try dish
El santo y BLT
Fuggazzeta, empanadas
Nachos y burrito
Paella montaña
Sus carnes
Menu del día
Milanesa napolitana
Google raiting
Average price/pp

Best restaurants in sitges quality/price (10-25€/pp)

Must have burgers in sitges

El Santo Sitges

At El Santo, the quality-price ratio is simply unbeatable. The potatoes with a sauce kit, especially the curry one, are a craft delight. If I had to choose two standout dishes, I’d go for the Classic Santo, with its homemade burger, artisan bread, egg, bacon, cheese, and lettuce, and the BLT sandwich, a flavor explosion.

For about 15€, you leave more than satisfied from this great gastronomic spot in Sitges.

An uprising incredible restauran in Sitges

Casa Nostra

Casa Nostra is a less known option, probably due to its location, but its gaining a lot of excelent opinions between locals. Yes, it’s only a 5-minute walk from the town, but a bit hidden. At Casa Nostra, I’ve had the best pizzas in Sitges, and their milanesas are amazing. Portions are generous, and the service is excellent. Also try their empanadas, those are awesome.

I totally recommend it; it’s a great option to discover a hidden gem in Sitges. Average price between 15/25€ per person.

Best mexican restaurant in Sitges

Six Seis Sitges

Without a doubt, if we have to choose the best Mexican restaurant in Sitges, our pick is Six Seis. Not only is it good, but also affordable.

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve visited. Our favorites? The nachos with shredded meat, the burrito, and the shredded meat burger. The average price is between 15/25€ per person. Also, they offer a lunch menu that’s very much worth it: 14.95€ on weekdays and 18.95€ on weekends.

An excellent take away option in Sitges

Casa Paella

The reviews for Casa Paella speak for themselves; while several restaurants in this article have a 4.8 rating, only this one has a 4.9. If you’re thinking of having a picnic on the beach or ordering takeaway in Sitges, Casa Paella is highly recommended. 

The average price is between 10/15€ per person.

For us, an awesome plan is grabbing a paella to go and have it in the beach will enjoying the sun and the sea in Sitges.

Restaurants in sitges with top locations or food (25-40€/pp)

An elegant and high level restaurant in Sitges


Komoquieras offers a perfect blend of elegance and quality meat, making it one of the best restaurants in Sitges. With a 4.7 Google rating, its perfectly cooked meats ensure a top-notch dining experience. Though the budget is between 25/40€, each dish more than justifies its price.

You must visit this terrace in Sitges

El Náutico Sitges

El Náutico might not always win hearts with its service (popular opinion, not ours), but one goes there for the location. For us, it’s the best restaurant in Sitges in terms of it. You dine literally over the sea. 

Moreover, our experiences there (which have been many) have always been good. We especially recommend going for the daily menu (22.50€ on weekdays and 27.50€ on weekends), really complete with a first, second, dessert and drink. 

I’ll say it again, cause I do not get bored of it. Having a drink in their terrace its a must have experience if you visit Sitges. 

A quality restaurant in the heart of Sitges

La Xarnega

Another restaurant in Sitges with a 4.8/5 rating on Google is La Xarnega, and it undoubtedly deserves it. The food is very tasty (the skirt steak comes highly recommended), they offer a menu during the week for 18€/pp (weekends 24€), and the service is exceptional. The only downside is that some dishes are small for our liking.

Brand new restaurant in sitges | Milansesas argentinas


El Bachicha is one of the newest restaurants in Sitges and has earned its place on this list with effort, hard work, and a passion for milanesas. El Bachicha is carving out a niche in Sitges, earning a spot on this list. Prices range from 20/35€, with delicious milanesas; the classic Neapolitan is our favorite.

Interactive map of the best restaurants in Sitges 2024

Other really good restaurants in Sitges

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Miércoles – Sábado; 17hs – 24hs

Domingo 12:30hs – 23hs

Tipo de Comida

Pizza, empanadas, carnes a la brasa y algunas tapas.

Nuestra opinión

En el último mes hemos visitado el casa nostra en 3 ocasiones y la verdad que las 3 han sido impecables. 

Recomendamos sin duda los siguientes platos; 

  • Milanesa a la napolitana
  • ChoriProvo
  • Flan con dulce de leche
  • Empanada de jamón y queso y empanada de carne

El restaurante es acogedor para estar con familia o amigos, es espacioso y tienen proyector para emitir partidos tanto de rugby, de básquet y de fútbol.